Journals, letters and postcards

 Letters & Postcards 1

 ‘ Journals, Letters and Postcards’

It came about as a result of rediscovering my old journals and letters from the time just before I came for the first time to Africa and the first few month after.  It moved me deeply finding myself as a young girl in those pages . . . full of longing, dreaming, wishing. The next three days I sat on my bedroom floor paging through my past.

Essentially this is about a love story, but it is also about the price it costs to listen to this dreaming heart.   It’s about the weight of words.

“Well, I’ll be off then . . . see you”

The vagueness of it all . . .
The wrestling between the 2 hearts inside me . . . the 2 halves.

The distance from everything . . . from me . . . from you . . . from home.

It’s about that summer that changed everything.

I connected again to this pain of letting go of Harald, longing for him and Africa and adventure . . . and later it was the longing for home and eagerly awaiting the mail everyday for news from my ‘other life’. .

It is a huge thing this emigrating, bigger than I ever imagined.

This work surfaced as a result of finding the postcards, letters and journals and it probably will still continue for a while.

 Letters & Postcards 2
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