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The Dress - Map of my Life

In 2007 I took part in a course at the Summer Academy for Fine Arts in Salzburg.

The course was held by Andrea Fogli, an Artist and Philosopher from Rome. Although the course was called “drawing for a communal dairy” all of us students from around the world, brought our own issues with us, and so when it came to the moment when Andrea wanted us to work on a map of our life I came a bit undone, and telling him about my dilemma, my ‘North-South’ story and how I had just done something similar in a creative writing class, and it had unhinged me for some weeks.

He took me into a spare room, we sat down and he said in his heavily accented English: ”Your problem is very interesting to me!”  - it was the start of some really exiting 6 weeks and the work that came out of it was truly ‘where I was at this stage of my life’  - Andrea showed me another way of dealing with my ‘Map’.

When I drew my first life size sketch of a dress on paper his response was: “why don’t you make a real dress!” Ok . . .  far away from home and my fabric stash and sewing machine I went in search of flee markets, and needle and thread . . . the rest is history.

At the end exhibition, he organized a, a beautiful young, blonde model to display the dress, by having it tied to her naked body, a mirror opposite her face, reflecting slightly in the dimed light, while she sat on a large table with a red tablecloth in a low ceilinged frescoed room in one of the end rooms of our studio at the Fortress. The installation was accompanied by waves of sound of recorded poetry, which I had written for the dress, in German and English.

 The Dress

 Collage Series for Aurum Design

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 ’Lace ‘n Things’ Collage