knitwear & wool

 Hand-dyed wool Faire Isle Knitted Waistcoat  Hand Knitted Socks 
I love good Wool and have especially a fondness for Norwegian patterns. Many years ago, it was difficult to find beautiful colours in pure wool, so I started dying my own. Most of the hand knitted socks and beanies in my shop are made from this hand dyed wool, it combines well with the commercial double knit variety.
I never dye according to a recipe, therefore my wool is more suitable for colourful Fair Isle knitting or stripes. I LOVE stripes! I am also very privileged to sell the wonderful waistcoats of master needle woman, Jeanie Walker, as well as the gorgeous plant-dyed pure wool of Carle, a new crafter in my shop. We also stock the incredibly soft rainbow coloured wool from Alida and hanks of hand-spun wool from Renciaand her team. You can see, I am passionate about wool!



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