stitched jewelry

 Crochet Daisy Chain necklace
Christiana was clearing out her house getting ready for her move to Bali, and one day she brought me five red boxes . . .”for you” she said, as she put them on my table . . . in it were hundreds of little strands of wool, embroidery thread and cotton reels in the most luxurious colours . . . this abundance of short bits of yarn started the crochet necklaces.
Likewise, Sonja’s raw silk off-cuts from her book making turned into those little jewel coloured stitched necklaces.
 'Fabrications' necklaces
Bit’s that are precious to me, like old mother-pearl-buttons, monograms, fabric from a shirt of a friend . . . or a photo from one of my journeys, anything . . . can find their way into a ‘long story’ necklace; as they name implies, they could tell a long story.
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